Ron Cadman is a real estate expert

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Ron Cadman is a real estate expert who has been active in the industry for more than two decades. During that time, he has been active on both sides of the Canada-United States border. He got his start by learning the trade in Phoenix, Arizona, and later moving back to Canada in order to start real estate investment companies there. Today, he still runs real estate investment funds in Phoenix, Arizona, called Arizona Acquisition Funds and Valley of the Sun. These two funds account for over one hundred residential, single-family, homes in the Phoenix-area. Ron Cadman believes this is a market that is showing signs of strong recovery.

Ron Cadman founded Investar with his brother Travis

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Ron Cadman is keenly aware, as a veteran of the industry, that even the recent economic recession has provided a number of opportunities to real estate investors. Ron Cadman founded Investar with his brother Travis in order to help explore investment opportunities in Phoenix, Arizona. They used their resources and contacts in that area to get the data and research they needed in order to acquire properties from trustee sales that had been foreclosed on. This keeps the price point for the property low and the opportunity for turnover high.

Ron Cadman is a veteran of the real estate industry

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Ron Cadman is a veteran of the real estate industry, having worked in the field for over twenty years. This two decades of experience that he and his brother have shared have allowed him to become not only keenly aware of the inner workings of the industry, but also experienced in dealing with the various issues that pop up in the field. Ron and Travis Cadman’s real estate ventures began when they moved from Red Deer, Alberta, in Canada, down to Phoenix, Arizona, in order to learn the trade of developing and renovating residential properties from a real estate developer who was already quite successful.

They gained a lot of knowledge and experience during their time in Phoenix, Arizona, which they put to good use when they traveled to Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada, in 1989. They developed real estate in the fields of commercial, residential, land syndication, and multi-family projects. In 1997, both Ron Cadman and his brother moved home to Red Deer, Alberta. They continued to develop their real estate business after moving. In 2001, Ron Cadman and Travis Cadman co-founded a home development company that specialized in single and multi-family homes. They provided innovative design and superior quality products to their investors in Alberta. In 2005, Ron Cadman and his brother founded a company that has gone to become very successful, CBI Group Investments. This company offers unique real estate investment opportunities to investors all over North America.

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